Sun Protection 101: All You Need to Know about Sunscreens and Choosing the Right One admin May 10, 2024

Sun Protection 101: All You Need to Know about Sunscreens and Choosing the Right One

Looking for tips to select the perfect sunblock to keep yourself sun-protected during the summers ahead? Look no further; skin specialists at TST are here to share some tips for choosing the right sunblock!

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Ever wondered, what is SPF?

It is the Sun Protection Factor. That simply means how well a sunscreen protects skin against the harmful UVB rays. For example, SPF 30,50,80 etc.

Why Should You Use Sunscreen?

  • Prevents sunburn, acts as an armor between harmful UV rays and your skin.
  • Reduces the chances and risk of skin cancer.
  • Prevents premature aging, reduces fine lines and wrinkles by protecting the skin and promotes a more youthful appearance.
  • Acts as a sun barrier and guards the skin against sun-related problems like allergies, heat rashes and redness etc.

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen?

  • Broad-Spectrum Protection:

Look for sunscreens that act as a barrier for both UVA and UVB rays. Since broad spectrum sunblocks do not let the harmful UV rays penetrate into skin that cause sunburn, skin diseases and aging.

  • Right SPF:

For daily use, choose a sunblock with at least 50 SPF or consider even greater SPF for extra protection especially if you spend most of your time under the sun or outdoors. 

  • Skin Type:

Choose a sunblock that completely goes well with the type of your skin. Be it oily, dry, acne prone, normal or sensitive. 

  • Water Resistant:

A sunscreen with a water resistant formula maintains its effectiveness even when exposed to water or sweat. So if you’re into exercising, swimming or outdoor activities; go for water-resistant sunscreens.

  • Mineral Based:

Mineral based sunblocks usually provide an extra layer of barrier with added antioxidants and minerals like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Such sunblocks are ideal for sensitive skin types.

Tip for Using Sunblocks:


Consider reapplying sunblock every two hours when outdoors. Also use sunblocks on cloudy days or whenever stepping out for work or leisure. Remember, consistency is the key. For a healthy and protected skin, regular usage of the right SPF is important. 

Skin experts at TST recommend D-Tox sunblock with 100 SPF as it is non-greasy, mineral based, broad spectrum, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, paraben free and suitable for all skin types.

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